Our Work

The world may be full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming of it and together we can help. You can offer comfort to a specific area of need that you are most passionate about.

Problems We Solve

Who we Are

Seeing a need for energetic, non profit work in various communities, we formed our organization to provide sensible solutions that will help comfort lives positively. All thanks to the amazing community of the comforters!

Community Connections

Our community is full of people who want to help. We therefore connect givers with the real people in need. Our weekly volunteer service mobilizes our teams of volunteers to make a real difference.

Our Team

The Comforters are a variety of regulars and part-time volunteers committed to helping others. We take various ideas that can help in doing good and turn them into action.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make maximum positive impacts on and in Communities. Our dedicated members and volunteers provide the drive that helps us affect change. We impact lives in various communities, using data driven models.

Our Vision

To make recipients become independent on charity.

The Comforters General Donation

Your general donation is a one-time or monthly donations made at any time. This donation(s) fund our most urgent cause.